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What is a Maths School?

They are new specialist schools for the most mathematically able year 12 and 13 students from all backgrounds. Lancaster University School of Mathematics, part of the Rigby Education Trust, is a collaboration between two outstanding providers, Lancaster University and Cardinal Newman College and is based in Preston. All students at Maths Schools study Mathematics and Further Mathematics at A-level with options of Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science and other A-levels. It provides a stretching and challenging programme, where mathematicians can thrive in an inclusive community and be supported to progress to the most selective universities. Maths Schools have an extensive outreach programme to support maths education in surrounding schools and to support mathematically able students from disadvantaged backgrounds to fulfil their potential.

How will it be different?

Lancaster University School of Mathematics is an inclusive community where an increasing number of the most able mathematicians from all backgrounds are supported to thrive. All students will specialise in Maths and Further Maths. They can also study a third and fourth A-level taught at LUSoM or Cardinal Newman College. There is an extensive programme of maths-based extension and enrichment activities, alongside other non-academic enrichment offered in partnership with Cardinal Newman College. Students are guided towards progressing onto degree courses within a maths or STEM-related subject area and there is a wide programme of residentials and specialist events. Students who attend and successfully complete their studies at Lancaster University School of Mathematics will be guaranteed an offer for nominated degree programmes at Lancaster University, provided they meet the entry requirements.


Exeter Maths School Interested me because I liked the concept of going to a school where I wasn’t odd, or weird for liking Maths. They offered all the subjects that I wanted to do and in meant that everyone there would be studying Maths, or Further Maths which was different to my Secondary School Sixth Form where about five people would be studying them. The community was very close -the teachers felt like friends and everyone was like me. It felt very supportive and Inviting - We all appreciate Maths jokes!

Susan Ross - Graduate of Exeter Maths School and currently studying MSc Mathematics (study Abroad) at Lancaster University

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