Outreach activities are available to all young people in the region, not just LUSoM students.

LUSoM already provides outreach activities including GCSE revision sessions and TalkMaths sessions.

Outreach Specialists – Hannah Freeman, Oliver Gray
Outreach Manager – Marie Collins
Outreach Team Member – Emma Watts

The programme for the 2021-2022 outreach activities include:

Twilight Taster Session Oct 2021

These sessions will be delivered by our specialist Math teachers, designed for current YR11 students to gain brief introduction to LUSOM.

Each session lasts up to 2 hours and will cover a variety of Mathematical areas supporting curriculum content and introducing LUSOM content.

You will be placed in a group of up to 20 students from across different schools

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Open Event – Saturday 16th October & Saturday 13th November 2021

LUSOM have secured a place at Cardinal Newman College open events. You will have chance to chat to some of the team, ask any questions about the school and application process.

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LUSOM Revise – Autumn/Winter 2021

These lectures are available for Year 10 and Year 11 pupils.

For the Year 11 lectures, we are following on from our revision sessions delivered over Easter so any students who attended these sessions are guaranteed a place. The content is designed for Year 11 students wanting to receive some extra help with Mathematics GSCE revision.

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The Year 10 lectures are designed to help any Year 10 pupils, of all abilities have a deeper understanding of the Maths curriculum and prepare you ready for this next academic year. The lectures will support you and provide extra help with any GCSE Maths revision.

The sessions will be held once a week for 12 weeks and delivered by our in house Maths teachers.

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LUSOM Extend

This program is designed for high ability KS3/KS4 students. Aiming to develop mathematical thinking, increase depth of understanding and improve presentation skills. Using material outside of the curriculum such a UKMT and NRICH activities.

The program will start in November and you will meet each half term for 1 x 2 hour meeting. Each session will be delivered by a local Maths specialist.

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Revision Sessions – Easter 2022

For year 10 students working at a grade 7 with the potential to achieve a grade 8/9.
This is a 6-week course for up to 60 students. The sessions will cover higher topics which link to A-level, aim to improve performance at GCSE and confidence to continue with maths at A-level.

Talk Maths

Talk Maths is a programme of talks for KS3 and KS4 students of inspiring and interesting talks, given by speakers from across the world of STEM.

To register an interest in any of the outreach activities, please contact hello@lusom.ac.uk.


Exeter Maths School Interested me because I liked the concept of going to a school where I wasn’t odd, or weird for liking Maths. They offered all the subjects that I wanted to do and in meant that everyone there would be studying Maths, or Further Maths which was different to my Secondary School Sixth Form where about five people would be studying them. The community was very close -the teachers felt like friends and everyone was like me. It felt very supportive and Inviting - We all appreciate Maths jokes!

Susan Ross - Graduate of Exeter Maths School and currently studying MSc Mathematics (study Abroad) at Lancaster University

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