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You will be taught in many ways – you won’t just be sat in a classroom at LUSoM. Our curriculum blends classroom teaching with opportunities to network and learn from industry experts as well as spend time at Lancaster University getting a feel for university level mathematics.

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You can study an A Level at Cardinal Newman College alongside your studies at LUSoM, follow this link to see what A Level courses they offer. For any further information about the College or courses please contact our Admissions department on 01772 460 181.


Your choice of A-levels

Our curriculum is designed to push the boundaries of A-level mathematics for talented 16-19 year olds with a passion for maths and STEM subjects. Taught by specialist LUSoM staff in brand new facilities, you will study A-levels in Mathematics and Further Mathematics and then choose your additional A-levels from either the subjects taught at LUSoM or at Cardinal Newman College.



Mathematics A-Level is a fantastic subject, which offers you the opportunity to develop your logic, reasoning and problem-solving skills through the study of both Pure Maths, such as algebra, geometry and functions with Applied Maths modules. It shows potential employers that you have a highly logical mind that can present organised arguments to solve numerical problems – a skill which is widely sought after.

What will you study?

  • Quadratics
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Algebraic Fractions
  • Differentiation
  • Integration
  • Vectors
  • Trigonometry
  • Sequences and Series
  • Exponentials and Logarithms
  • Numerical Methods
  • Functions
  • Proof

Entry Requirements

Students require a grade 8 or above in Maths GCSE to study at LUSoM

Examboard – OCR B (MEI)


Further Maths

Further Maths A-Level at LUSoM provides you with the opportunity to develop some of the concepts met in the A-Level Maths course as well as study a greater variety of applications. If you thoroughly enjoy the subject and are keen to extend your understanding and knowledge, then this course will provide the chance to study some more demanding and abstract concepts.

What will you study?

Further Maths involves standard pure content, and options for the applied.


  • Matrices
  • Complex Numbers
  • Algebra and Functions
  • Proof
  • Calculus
  • Vectors

There is quite a bit of choice over what applied options to take in Further Maths, and most students will either take the Mechanics module, the Extra Pure module, or Modelling with Algorithms dependent on their interests.

Entry Requirements

Students require a grade 8 or above in Maths GCSE to study at LUSoM

Examboard – OCR B (MEI)



A Physics A-Level is highly regarded by employers and universities. From particle physics, thermal physics to nuclear physics, our A-Level will develop your theoretical ideas, logical analysis and problem-solving skills.

What will you study?

  • Mechanics
  • Materials
  • Waves
  • Quantum Physics
  • Practical Skills
  • Electricity
  • Particle Physics
  • Gravitational fields
  • Electric Fields
  • Periodic Motion
  • Capacitors
  • Thermal Physics
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Magnetic Fields
  • Special Relativity

Entry Requirements

Students require a grade 7 or above in Physics GCSE or 77 in Double Science GCSE

Examboard –  AQA



The analytical, mathematical, investigative, research, decision making and problem-solving skills developed by studying A-Level Chemistry are highly transferable skills and sought by a range of employers.

What will you study?

  • Atomic Structure and isotopes
  • Compounds, Formulae and equations
  • The mole and calculations involving the amount of substance
  • Acid-base and RedOx reactions and titrations
  • Electron configurations and orbital theory
  • Ionisation energy and trends in the Periodic Table
  • Chemical Bonding and structure (linked to physical properties)
  • Chemistry of Group 2 and Group 7 elements
  • Qualitative analysis
  • Enthalpy changes
  • Core Organic Chemistry
  • Nomenclature and basic concepts of organic chemistry
  • Hydrocarbons including alkanes and alkenes
  • Alcohol and Haloalkane chemistry
  • Organic synthesis and Modern Analytical Techniques (Mass Spectrometry and Infra-Red Spectroscopy)
  • Esters

Entry Requirements

Students require a grade 7 or above in Chemistry GCSE or 77 in Double Science GCSE

Examboard – OCR: Chemistry A Specification


Computer Science

A-Level Computer Science is designed to offer you a solid foundation in computing. From the fundamentals of programming to the theory of computation, an A-Level in Computer Science will support you in meeting the demands of the many careers available to you.

What will you study?

One of the most enjoyable parts of the course for students is the year-long project which will run across both years of your course. This is a program you create from scratch and can be anything from a Unity Game, VR system, App Development, Robotics or any other technical topic you might have an interest in.

You will learn the C# Programming Language from scratch and we will also teach you games design within a games engine called MonoGame.

  • Fundamentals of programming
  • The Fundamentals of data structures
  • Fundamentals of algorithms
  • Theory of computation
  • Fundamentals of data representation
  • Fundamentals of computer systems
  • The Fundamentals of computer organisation and architecture
  • Consequences of uses of computing
  • Fundamentals of communication and networking
  • Fundamentals of databases
  • Big Data
  • Fundamentals of functional programming

Entry Requirements

Students require a grade 7 or above in Computer Science GCSE or a grade 8 or above in Maths GCSE

Examboard –  AQA


Options at Cardinal Newman College

LUSoM Students have the option to study a fourth A-Level at Cardinal Newman College, find out more about their A-Level courses here.

LUSoM Reading List

Example Timetable

9.20 – 9.30Weekly Briefing
09.30 – 10.40Maths A-level4th A-level SubjectStudy Support4th A-level Subject
10.45 – 11.55Further Maths A-levelEnhanced Maths/PSHE3rd A-level Subject
12.10 – 13.203rd A-level SubjectMaths A-levelFurther Maths A-level3rd A-level Subject
13.25 – 14.35Further Maths A-level3rd A-level SubjectMaths A-levelFurther Maths A-level
14.40 – 15.504th A-level Subject4th A-level SubjectExtra-Curricular EnrichmentMaths A-level

Curriculum Plus

Curriculum Plus is time dedicated for you to meet with staff who will provide you with support tailored to your individual needs. We want to help you explore your subjects with confidence as you gain a deeper understanding of them. These sessions will be encouraging and will support you in learning an extended range of mathematical skills.


LUSoM Award

The LUSoM Award is an academic programme designed to prepare you for university study. The programme, shaped by academia, will form an essential part in enabling you to excel at university. The LUSoM Award will be recognised as a highly prestigious qualification to set Maths School students apart.

The programme provides you with the opportunity to explore an area of advanced mathematics, while working with expert practitioners in a wide range of fields. In Year 12, you will collaborate as a team to complete a group project. Year 13 will see you continue to be taught in groups, whilst also developing your own piece of research which could form the basis of an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). The group project and individual research task will be developed and tested, with prizes awarded on graduation.

Throughout the course you will develop key presentation skills which you will have the opportunity to practise in front of Lancaster University academics, business sponsors and industry experts.


Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

As part of the LUSoM Award, in Year 13, you can choose to undertake the Extended Project Qualification for one period per week, expanding on ideas covered within the LUSoM Award. You will develop an individual research project whilst being jointly supported by academics from LUSoM and Lancaster University.


LUSoM Enrichment

What makes LUSoM really stand out from the standard Maths A-level is our enrichment programme. With exciting opportunities to gain experience in high-level mathematics projects and initiatives, this is a chance to learn from our partners in industry and academia, make new connections, and broaden your application of maths to the outside world.

You can enjoy a range of enrichment activities embedded into the curriculum that give you the opportunity to solve mathematical problems outside of your formal lessons. These activities include summer school activities hosted by academic experts, subject masterclasses, termly seminars to develop your mathematical thinking toolbox, and presentations from members of Lancaster University to engage you in cutting-edge topics, problems and challenges.

You will also benefit from and have access to the full range of extracurricular activities with peers at Cardinal Newman College. These will include The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, theatre productions and musical opportunities including band and choir groups and a variety of sporting activities.


Gifted and Talented

The Gifted and Talented provision has been designed to recognise the most academically able mathematicians and provides extra-curricular activities to challenge and excel such students. Maths School teaching staff will work closely with those who would benefit from extension material, and mentoring will be available via PhD students from Lancaster University.


Exeter Maths School Interested me because I liked the concept of going to a school where I wasn’t odd, or weird for liking Maths. They offered all the subjects that I wanted to do and in meant that everyone there would be studying Maths, or Further Maths which was different to my Secondary School Sixth Form where about five people would be studying them. The community was very close -the teachers felt like friends and everyone was like me. It felt very supportive and Inviting - We all appreciate Maths jokes!

Susan Ross - Graduate of Exeter Maths School and currently studying MSc Mathematics (study Abroad) at Lancaster University

We look forward to welcoming you in September 2023

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