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About us

Specialist Maths Schools are supported by the Department for Education (DfE) and have an extensive outreach programme to support maths education in surrounding schools and to widen participation for mathematically able students from disadvantaged backgrounds to fulfil their potential.

Why are we different?

For some school pupils, being naturally gifted in maths and science subjects can set them apart for the wrong reasons. A specialist Maths School, like Lancaster University School of Mathematics, brings together these talented individuals. It creates a vibrant community where they are actively encouraged to explore the subjects they love. The curriculum is extended beyond the standard Maths A-level to provide a stretching and inspiring education delivered by the Maths School staff, members of Lancaster University and Cardinal Newman College.

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Exeter Maths School Interested me because I liked the concept of going to a school where I wasn’t odd, or weird for liking Maths. They offered all the subjects that I wanted to do and in meant that everyone there would be studying Maths, or Further Maths which was different to my Secondary School Sixth Form where about five people would be studying them. The community was very close -the teachers felt like friends and everyone was like me. It felt very supportive and Inviting - We all appreciate Maths jokes!

Susan Ross - Graduate of Exeter Maths School and currently studying MSc Mathematics (study Abroad) at Lancaster University

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